Book Sales

Books for sale, all prices include insured (where relevant) UK postage and sturdy packaging. Please get in touch via for any inquiries and payment options. Shipping overseas is no problem, but will incur added postage charges.

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Magnum Contact Sheets – Edited by Kristen Lubben, Thames & Hudson 2011 – Hardbound

£200, mint condition. SOLD

Daniel Meadows – Edited Photographs from the 70’s & 80’s, Val Williams, Photoworks 2011 – Hardbound

£160, Mint Condition

Useful Photography #001, KesselsKramer, Excellent Condition, 2002 –


Nick Knight Monograph, 1995, Hard Bound (with velvet!) and Card slipcase, 1995

In excellent condition internally, but some rubbing and marks on slipcase and cover, this book is essentially impossible to keep in 100% mint condition.


Richard Misrach, Photographs of Paintings, Hardcover with thick card slip case, Blindspot, 2002

£20  SOLD

Axel Hutte – Dark as Light, Schirmer, 2001 Harback, cloth bound.

Excellent internal condition, rubbing on fabric cover.

£12 SOLD

Lewis Baltz – Candlestick Point, Steidl, 2011 – Hardback, cloth bound.

Mint condition, with fold out pages.

£25 SOLD

Joan Fontcuberta – Twilight Zones, 1999, Hardback

Mint Condition


Sophie Ristelhueber – Operations, Thames and Hudson, Softcover, 2009

Mint Condition


Erik Kessels – Image Tsunami, softcover with rubberised texture, 313 pages

Excellent Condition


Robert Lebeck – Fotoreporter, Steidl, 2009, Softcover (intro text in German)

Mint Condition



World Press Photo, 2011, Softcover

Excellent Condition


Robbie Cooper – Alter Ego, Boot, 2007, Hardcover with lenticular image