Come Here I Need You

Come here I need you is an evolving project that gets its first “airing” at Lincoln’s Frequency festival from the 18th of October through to the 26th.

One of the still images produced for Come Here I Need You

One of the still images produced for Come Here I Need You

While I’m keeping some specifics of the piece under, wraps I can say that phone video, photographs and other phone generated media media are a key part of the piece. I’d love for people to be able to add to the work and see their content exhibited.

With that in mind I’m looking for video contributions, made using your phone – the content is entirely up to you, the everyday or the extraordinary. Nights out, family events, weird things you’ve spotted on the way to work, UFO sightings, cats in the laundry basket, baking projects, anything.

These videos will form a looped video piece that will display intermittently throughout the piece. Your work may be distorted and quality may be lower than it is when submitted, it might be cropped or re-sized, but the content itself will never be altered.

Here’s the important parts:

  • Both you and any other people featured in your submission consent to allow me to publicly show some or all of the content of your video as part of ‘Come Here, I Need You’
  • That your video doesn’t constitute a serious copyright infringement, especially if displayed publicly, this could be things like concert footage or direct reproductions of existing copy-written work.
  • All copyright remains yours and I claim no ownership of your submission beyond reproducing it either in whole or in part as part of the Frequency festival.
  • You permit me to distort or alter the footage so that it may not be seen purely in its original form at any time.
  • Your submission may, or may not be chosen for display.
  • If your video is selected I will make every effort to credit you for your contribution, if you wish.

If you want to submit a video for consideration please email with the subject line “CMINY Submission”

Thank you for wanting to be part of my project.

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