Failed Heirlooms

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Failed Heirlooms is an interactive, magnetic exhibition that attempts to get away from the conventions of contemporary gallery based imagery. It presents the audience with a large scale display comprised of several hundred individual postcards representing objects seen as ‘failed heirlooms’; things that have been deemed unworthy of value, either financial or emotional. These objects find themselves part of an antiques sprawl, divorced from their original owners and collections. The exhibition can be rearranged almost indefinitely and the audience is encouraged to create new collections, smaller exhibitions within the larger space while sharing their methodology.

Shot on location at a house clearance centre in Horncastle, Lincolnshire, Failed Heirlooms is a study into the notion of ‘the collection’ and the concept of death in an increasingly objectless digital age.

Failed Heirlooms has been exhibited as part of Lincoln’s digital culture ‘Frequency Festival’ in October 2011.



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