From here to paternity


I recently became a father for the first time, a wonderful, if tiring experience (but nothing on motherhood) the image here illustrates three and a half days of nappies carefully pebble-dashed by a two week old baby boy.
Curiously, by photographing the nappies in this origami-like way I have grown to look forward to every explosive bowel movement, a particularly loud artistic expression from my lovely lad could signal a diaper based Jackson Pollock. What delights await me after every feed?

On the other hand, it’s depressing to think this is just a few days of waste due for landfill, a human lifetime is an alarming thing to ponder in terms of the mark we leave on the planet (we are going reusable nappies, but I doubt a daily 60c wash cycle is good for the wellbeing of Mother Earth either) I can only hope he grows up to be a pioneering eco-scientist or something to make up for my middle class guilt.

It is nice to have a rich and endless source of photographic inspiration though, well done little man.


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